Spalted Maple and Ambrosia Lumber and Craftwood

What is Ambrosia Maple ?

What is Ambrosia Maple ?
Ambrosia maple comes from regular soft maple and Hard Maple trees that have been infested by the ambrosia beetle. The small beetle bores a network of tunnels and short galleries called cradles. A fungus is responsible for the blue, gray and brown streaks and decorative patch work that accompany each tunnel and adjacent wood. The streaks and patch work add a unique look to this hardwood without affecting its structural integrity. This wood is mostly found in the central part of Eastern United States.
The tunnels made from the beetles are extremely small. The infestation of the ambrosia beetle is terminated during the kiln drying process and will not start again in dry wood as the beetle needs somewhat wet wood to survive. Ambrosia beetles also infest other species such as birch, Aspen and Beech.

Spalted Maple, Ambrosia Maple, Flame Birch Lumber & craftwood for the box maker, luthier, wood worker, wood turner, call maker and furniture maker. Bookmatched and thin Spalted Maple is our specialty.

PLEASE NOTE: All photos are the ACTUAL Piece (UNLESS otherwise stated).

ALL pieces are KILN DRIED unless otherwise stated.



A = Grade A - Moderate to heavy spalt figure. Minor to no defects.

B = Grade B - Moderate to heavy spalt figure. Low to moderate defects.

C = Grade C - Light spalt. Minor defects.


SSM = Minor Soft Spots

SSH = Moderate Soft Spots

SC = Surface Checks

EC = End Checks

BI = Bark Inclusion

V = Void

W = Worm holes/trails

K(1)(2)(3) Knot plus quantity


BM = Book Matched

1-LE = One Live Edge

2-LE = Two Live Edges

S1S = Surfaced One Side

S2S = Surfaced Two Sides

S3S = Surfaced Three Sides

S4S = Surfaced Four Sides

N = Narrowest Point on Surfaced wood not live edge

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